Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Texturing Assets

Texutring is one of those things that just takes time. The more time you put in the better it looks, You rush it well... it looks like shit. I've very slowly been working on the church asset I designed way back at the start of the year. 

I really enjoy the brick texture I've managed to come up with. I probably need to work a little bit on the seams and repetition of it but all in all its getting there. Thanks to a class mate Michael. I've successfully mastered unwrapping like a mad man. I no longer fear it but enjoy it. Thou because this was one of my first models, and Stupidly I built it all in one piece it is a little tricky to unwrap to get the uv's to line up and not be distorted. 

Slowly work in progress

I need to work on the shingles and Wood not really happy with that yet.

Hero Character Completed.

So I've finished my 1st humanoid character ever and 2nd Character Rig.

After much torture and pain with head topology. I'm slowly getting the hang of it, I'm still not 100% happy with this character but push came to shove and I really needed to start finishing aspects of for my game. He's not textured currently, That should be done hopefully by the end of the week. He's all rigged and animated thou and ready to be imported to my game.

I originally started with the theme of a blacksmith something like Gendry from GoT. But with a cartoon twist. Well I'm hoping my texturing can get me the result I really want, we shall see. I'm not to fussed thou because I've got a back up script ready for him anyway.

The character finally finished at:
4888 tris

I'm happy with the legs still need to work on Head/Torso

He's a little Fat!

Space Butt Delivery... My 2nd game jam!!

So it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything. Been busy working on some undisclosed stuff and planning the future and all that jazz.

So to recap. Colleges and myself produced a game in 2 weeks. The theme that was voted on was "Get your arse to Mars." We went head to head against the other class on campus and worked tireless on the project in 2 weeks.

I was part of the art team.. Sad to say I felt the art team could of worked more efficiently but all in all i felt the product really turned out well. I had a lot of uneasy feelings towards this and mainly the collaboration between so many people, But I was happy to be proven wrong and the product speaks for itself.

The things I worked on during this product. I designed the shed in the background, (texturing was done by another student), Designed the rocket buttons and some of the upgrade buttons. 

Be sure to check out our game and even give it a play test here.
It's been uploaded by Peter so check his other games out as well here.
Our Neat Loading Screen

Buy them Upgrades!! 
Flying Through space on our way to Mars
Preparing for our first launch!

Day 30 extra protection needed!!