Sunday, 10 August 2014

Semester 2 (21/7/2004)

So it's begun!
Semester 2 is here and I'm excited to get more knowledge under my belt.
I plan to be more active with my blog so stay tuned!

Today I learnt about the "Lathe" Tool in 3DS Max and have started to make chess pieces for my first assessment involving a chessboard with textures. The ability of being able to turn a simple line into a 3d object is a great way to trace an object and turn it into 3D.

Here is how my Chessboard and pieces turned out

I'm quite happy with how the models and texturing turned out but need to work on my choice of background images something probably doesn't conflict with the glass texture.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pirate Pete Review

“Yarrr matey’s!!! This be full of treasure!”
Pirate Pete brings the fun back into 3D platformers again. It’s been a while since the market has been plundered and raided by the likes of such a game.  This game rewrites everything you know and love about platformers, shoves it down a cannon and shoots it into a pile of treasure! Loot this game

“The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers”
“Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum” That’s what you’d need to play this terrible game (Pirate Pete), What the hell did the developers think they were making? Do you self a favour and stay away from this game and give it to the kraken.

List for booth.
Print Media – Brochures , WIP folder, Development
Signage -  make it loud so people know where to go
LCD Screens/ TV – At least 2 to show people  from various angles
Manpower – People manning the booth
Theft Cover

Business Cards 

Target Audience for Pirate Pete
Who is your audience? Pirate Pete is a 3d platformer that strikes the hearts of its audience and takes them on an epic adventure down memory lane with a cartoon based theme.  If you like Mario 64, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot then Pirate Pete will appeal you.  If you drooled all over Johnny Depp’s costume during The Pirate of Caribbean saga then get a box of sorbent Eucalyptus Tissues as Pirate Pete takes you a wild and wacky adventure.  

Does the Audience Exist? I believe the target audience does exist as platformers have been around since the beginning of time with Sonic and Mario, Pirate Pete takes that old proven model of that style of game and adds puzzles into it with an immersive storyline to draw a broader range of players.