Thursday, 11 September 2014

My First 3D Model!!!

So I've been busy lately in class building a 3D Alien with the help of my lecturer Anthony!
We basically started out building simple body parts from boxes, and then adding polygons to them to give each object form and shape.

From a simple box I'v sculpted a calf, arm and other body parts of my alien.

Block Stage 1

This is one of the early blocking stages of building my Alien, As you can see the start of a simple box and by adding more loops and topology gives it the desired shape of both the torso and arm.

Blocking Stage 2

I then proceeded to the leg, food and hand of my alien. Once again adding more loops to add topology. You might be asking your self "Why is only half the model getting built?" To save time and resources when you build things such as cars, humans etc etc, a lot of objects have symmetry. We add the symmetry once we are happy with the model and that will complete the block part of the model.

Blocking Stage 3

The Face is a little different to the rest of the model. The way in which we start a simple low polygon face is we start with a simple plane object and then we produce more loops and extrude them to start building the face up bit by bit, making sure that our reference image and our model look similar and aren't all distorted.

Blocking Stage 4

This is my model so far as I've started to attach all my objects together by stitching them, as well as making sure all the topology is good and that the shapes line up. Some how I think my polygon's aren't so low.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mars Hud

So 2nd Semester has been getting hectic, Absolutely loving the course, but the artist in me is keeping me back. The age old trying to get things perfect is some what hindering when it comes to modelling or anything visual. Because of how my course is based, knowing how to do a specific task is one thing but being able to visually show it is another.

Here is one of my pieces of work that I constructed in class, Basically the object of this piece of work is to turn a picture of something into a HUD (Heads Up Display).

So below is the original image and the after is my HUD.

Original Image


The idea behind my HUD is that I was trying to be simplistic and very clean, as I was thinking that this was a HUD would be for a helmet for Astronaut on Mars. So I had limited real estate to work with. Cause if I went to busy it wouldn't be very practical.