Wednesday, 26 November 2014

More Photoshop work.

My love for Photoshop continues, not just in it's ability to touch up photos and airbrush people but more the ability to make UV's, Textures aswell as create things. I was challenged to create an app for a phone/Ipad completely out of Photoshop elements no pictures no textures. Just tweaking and working the elements of photo shop to create something.

I chose to construct a sort of TV/Radio application for the Ipad something simple yet appealing so that it was intuitive and easy to understand. No instruction manuals just hit a button and go.

Here is what I came up with it.  The below icons are patterns I created using various techniques
the left icon is mesh and is used on the speakers and the carbon is used various parts of the paneling.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hand Painted MMK Tank

My love for Westwood Studios will never die. Growing up as a kid I loved the C&C franchise, the game play the cinematic's it was all so well done for it's time. Earlier in the year I showed my model of the prestigious Mark Mammoth Tank.

I decided to hand paint the body of the tank, the turrets, track and wheel bearings are some textures but the green on the tank I painted in photoshop.

I most likely will add this to a game I'm currently building as some prop or something to destroy.

Jim Raynor 2nd Model

The struggles are real! I've been working hard but not hard enough. I've been building and working on 2nd model for class. This time I think i bit of more then I can chew. I chose to do a space marine (Jim Raynor from StarCraft)

I tried to limit my polygon count this time where I felt that with the Alien I had done previously I had way to many polygons that didn't make sense and were unneeded. After talking to my lecturer I've felt that I need to practice more on my organic modelling to really capture the way things are. My hard modelling of surfaces like the Tank and vehicles I feel is easy to understand.

Anyway above you'll find the video of what it turned out. Ideally I would love to get back to it and hand paint it but we'll see. For now more practice on what is organic modelling.

Pirate Pete The Cinematic!!

Pirate Pete The Cinematic.

So here is the green screen shot myself and some of my fellow students had done for our assessment its was our intro cinematic for our Pirate Pete game. Basically the whole plot is Pete gets drunk crashes his boat and washes ashore and has to find his booze a new boat and more importantly his wench.

For a not so compressed and grainy video goto this link here

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Actor Review

So we've been working on a green screen shoot for our Pirate Pete game that we have been developing.

It's been a lot of fun and giggles but also a lot of planning was required as well. From rehearsing and re shooting several takes to get the takes to get the overall feel of the cinematic. And portray the light hearted mood of our game aswell.

We Hired Costumes and acquired props but a lot of it was done using 3ds max, which made it that little bit more difficult. But all in all it came together nicely.

Once we've got the final copy I'll upload it here for you to all enjoy and laugh and giggle at.