Wednesday, 13 May 2015

May Update, Greyboxing, Particle effects, UI Elements, Polishing Code.

I've been working and programming and modelling and animating and god only know what else.

I've built my game and started to make it come to life with particle effects so I can shoot some projectiles and interact with my models that I'm building. As well as adding box collides on models to start bringing in that physics engine.

Die skeleton.

You can see that my fireball reacts to surfaces and adds physics the fireball assets isn't created by myself, I don't really have any interest in making particles so I bought some to give me a little life to the game. 

Testing the colliders 

I've fixed the GUI so that when I cast a spell it consumes Mana, Health goes up and down according to if the player is hit or not. And the enemy health bar goes up and down according to the enemy's health.

Skeleton model not finished but I just wanted to something to shot at


I've been learning about Greyboxing and I've bought this to the front of my game, as I know that this is going to be a big part of what I need to do. I've started researching city landscapes, road paths and styles. I've found a style that I'm hoping to achieve in Croatia streets. 

The idea of having a centre piece of church. Is something that makes sense. "It says oohhh gotta go there"

I very much like the style of tight streets and overhanging buildings. Also the lights gave me a fantastic idea of how to light my scenes. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Importing UI Into the game

I've been struggling a little lately with my game development. Just a lot of little bugs that I didn't count for but finally got something to show!!

I've been working with the new GUI in Unity 5 and importing my health bar and mana bar in so that my character can take damage and spend mana.

I sourced a really good document and broke it down so that I could understand how UI elements work in relation to what the player can see here.
It helped a lot. I used a little of what the author did but changed a little bit to make it my own.

First we start with the graphic of the object we want in this case I wanted globes like my beloved Diablo game

Then we need some simple textures for what is going to be inside the object. I've chosen the classic mana blue and health red for my game. Later on I most likely will have energy and stamina as well. 

A simple Mask to hold the texture to the shape and translate it to how we want it to look in game.

And magic we have UI elements!!! 
Hopefully next blog entry I have my character up and running around.