Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Update. Achievement System.

So a lot has been happening. Finally finished studying was great to be done, learnt a lot towards the end and don't regret anything. Sadly I decided not to present at the expo as my project has spiraled into a massive full fledged game. I found that all the tech I had been working on in my little test scene was fast breaking the constrains of a simple wave-spawning game.

Lets be honest, It never was what I wanted but due to time constrains and the fact that I need to turn it into a game I had to squish everything down. But now I can break it out and let it breathe and be free. There are still aspects I'm not happy with such as art style and texturing but I know that just takes time.

I'm going to be working on this game over the next couple of months just getting things working and making a really sound portfolio as well as show reel. I'm basically going to position myself as not only someone who can make games but can program as well. That way I'm not relying on any one person to complete my pipeline.

Anyone onto the Update.

So it Start out as an in class assessment, where we had to design some icon's for achievements etc. I have to say. GUI and Simple Icon's I don't know it's not my forte. But I tried never the less so  I started playing around and ended up with a very simple style. Not overwhelming exciting but I tried to keep it all consistent.
Brain Storming and Developement

Then I started with some C# and built my very own achievement system 100% my own work and coding and was super proud with it. It's the one thing I really enjoy is implementation. Even thou it's not entirely hooked up in the game I just have to right a couple lines of code but by pressing "I" in game brings up menu and I can test the achievement pop up with certain Keys. I made The GUI and menu to be as if it was on a table. 

I'm thinking later on to see if I can animate GUI to the point that I want to rip the paper off the nails.
Something to look at :D

Hell Yeah!! 10 Achievement Points

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